5 star Lan Ha cruises have outdoor pool, Jacuzzi

Best 5 star Lan Ha cruises have outdoor pool, Jacuzzi

For many tourists, swimming is an essential activity in every beach trip. However, swimming in the sea can sometimes be unsafe and inconvenient, especially for families with young children. Therefore, having a have outdoor pool, Jacuzzi on the boat will somewhat compensate for the experience of your family beach trip. Few luxury cruises in Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay have enough space to design a swimming pool on board, which is the distinct feature when these cruises are designed with onboard swimming pools!

Bathing and relaxing in the swimming pool on the swaying cruise ships in Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, or checking in luxuriously in the elegant swimming pools will be an unforgettable experience for every tourist when cruising Lan Ha Bay, Ha Long Bay. Below is a list of cruises in Lan Ha Bay with swimming pools, so you can refer to and choose the one that suits you best.

Featured cruise: Calypso cruise

Calypso Cruise 2 day 1 night: If you would like to do both Lan Ha bay and Cat Ba island trip, this is your best choice. You will have time for boat ride or go kayaking in the first day at the Sang cave area, enjoy sunset with sundeck party, cooking class, squid fishing at night and visit Trung Trang cave on Cat Ba island on day 2.

Calypso Cruise 2 day 1 night tour to Lan Ha bay, Cat Ba island


1. President Cruise

President Cruise is one of the newest and largest luxury cruises on Ha Long Bay, officially launched in November 2018. President Cruise deserves to be a pioneer in Ha Long Bay cruises due to its top-notch service quality. The sophistication sets President Cruise apart from other luxury cruises, with its highlight being the widest swimming pool in the bay, featuring clear water and suitable depth for families with young children and young travelers after days of stressful work exhaustion.

Morning sunrise and evening twilight are the two most popular times chosen by tourists to relax in the jacuzzi. Not only does it provide you with moments of relaxation, but the jacuzzi also brings health benefits. The swirling water massage of the jacuzzi helps enhance circulation and regulate blood flow, relieve muscle and joint pain, and improve cardiovascular health. Moreover, soaking in the jacuzzi also affects the nervous system, dispelling fatigue, increasing physical strength, and helping you have a good and deep sleep.

President Cruise
President Cruise

2. Stellar of the Seas Cruise

Stellar of the Seas Cruise was inaugurated in 2018. With its rare, modern, and luxurious design in Lan Ha Bay, a distinctive feature of the Stellar of the Seas Cruise is its Four Seasons Swimming Pool, covering an area of up to 50 square meters. The seasonal swimming pool is located at the front of the third deck of the cruise. The pool will be a great place for party lovers or simply for those who enjoy immersing themselves in water while admiring the scenery of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Ha Long Bay. It’s hard to resist! Tourists can relax their bodies and minds while enjoying the panoramic views of the bay from every angle.

As the sun sets, the outdoor pool turns into a beautiful night light show thanks to LED lights, making it perfect for evening swims or romantic light shows in the pool. In addition, the area around the pool is equipped with sun loungers, allowing you to relax and enjoy the bay area after swimming here instead of returning to the sunbathing deck.

Stellar of the Seas Cruise
Stellar of the Seas Cruise

3. Orchid Cruise

Orchid Cruise, with its 5-star quality, aims to provide premium services to bring the most unique and wonderful experiences to travelers in Ha Long Bay. With a capacity of 15-20 guests, the Jacuzzi pool on Orchid Cruise will turn your vacation in Lan Ha Bay into a special and memorable experience.

Amidst the scorching heat of up to 40 degrees Celsius in summer, after a long day of outdoor exploration and activities, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the Jacuzzi pool at the front of the Orchid Cruise. It adds an extra layer of excitement and allure to your vacation. There’s nothing more comfortable than letting your body relax in the Jacuzzi pool and gazing at the Halong Bay sky.

Orchid Cruise
Orchid Cruise

4. Heritage Cruise

Heritage Cruise was inaugurated in 2019 with the most luxurious and modern design in Lan Ha Bay. A distinctive feature of Heritage Cruise is the Four Seasons Swimming Pool located at the front of the third deck, providing a perfect relaxation spot where you can enjoy the panoramic view of a world heritage site. This is also a highlight of Heritage and will surely be loved by tourists.

The Pool Bar is located between the Song Hong Lounge and La Piscine smart pool. Here, guests can enjoy cocktails or chilled glasses of wine at the rooftop bar. Immersed in the sunlight, soaking in the pool, or lounging on sunbeds with shade beside the pool to enjoy refreshing drinks while admiring the pristine islands in Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Archipelago in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Heritage Cruise
Heritage Cruise

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