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Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay is one of the activities you definitely should try when visiting this beautiful coastal area. The experience of gliding on the azure sea surface, admiring the vibrant coral reefs below, is surely an incredibly enjoyable experience. Check this out with Lan Ha Travel!

Located adjacent to the southern part of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay is one of the top 10 most beautiful bays in the world, boasting pristine beauty with hundreds of stunning islands, large and small. There are plenty of experiential activities when visiting Lan Ha Bay such as island hopping, visiting floating fishing villages, kayaking, etc. Among them, Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay is considered one of the most attractive and exciting tourist activities. So, what makes kayaking in Lan Ha Bay special? Which areas in Lan Ha Bay are suitable for kayaking?

Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay
Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

What’s Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

Kayaking is a sport for young people who want to conquer the water. Kayaking is a popular sport in European and American tourist countries. Modern kayaks come in various types, such as those made of rubber, composite plastic, or inflatable kayaks that are waterproof and mostly float in any situation. There are single kayaks, double kayaks, and triple kayaks corresponding to the number of seats on the boat. Accompanying the boat is the paddle – an important tool for steering the kayak.

Choosing a kayak to explore Lan Ha Bay will provide new experiences that a tourist boat cannot offer. Maneuvering through the islands and small caves, the kayak takes you close to the foot of the rocky mountains, allowing you to witness countless vivid scenes of the underwater world in the clear, sparkling sunlight. Kayaks are used to help tourists get closer to admire the beauty of the small islands in the bay, where tourist boats cannot approach too closely.

6 notes when kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

Some notes when kayaking in Lan Ha Bay:

  1. Ensure you have sufficient technical knowledge of kayaking: Technique is one of the crucial factors to master when kayaking. Incorrect paddling may cause the kayak to spin in place and not move. Here are some techniques to keep in mind:
  2. When sitting in the kayak, place your lower back against the seat, and bend your knees comfortably. Keep your arms parallel and shoulder-width apart, holding the paddle. Hold the paddle so that when you bring it above your head, your elbows form a nearly 90-degree angle. The length of the blade and the shaft of the paddle on the side of the handgrip should be equal. Start paddling in calm waters to get used to the feeling of sitting in the kayak. Always maintain a comfortable posture with a straight back when kayaking.
  3. Maintain stable emotions and body balance while kayaking.
  4. Always adhere to safety principles when kayaking.
  5. Listen carefully to the instructions of the instructor.
  6. Equip yourself with all necessary safety gear when kayaking.

Beautiful kayaking spots in Lan Ha bay

  1. Cat Dua Island (Monkey Island): Although not as large in scale, kayaking around Cát Dứa Island is a suitable activity for tourists who want to participate in enjoyable activities in the bay but have limited time. At this location, tourists will be provided with kayaks and paddles to move to areas without sandy beaches on the island, admiring Cát Dứa Island from as close a distance as possible.
  2. Light Cave – Dark Cave: Light Cave and Dark Cave are located in Lan Ha Bay and belong to the Cát Bà Island area. Kayaking in Light and Dark Caves allows tourists to paddle into the caves, personally feeling the stalactites inside. Passing through the caves, tourists will be taken to a valley surrounded by incredibly majestic and beautiful mountain ranges.
  3. Luon Cave: Luon Cave is an arch-shaped gate located at the foot of Bồ Hòn Island, with Con Rùa Island in front and the Sky Gate on the right side. Luồn Cave, with its surrounding terrain and steep cliffs amidst calm, clear waters throughout the seasons, is an ideal spot for kayaking. Passing through Luồn Cave, you’ll encounter a serene, round lake surrounded by towering cliffs on all sides. This is a picturesque and impressive natural scene, truly stunning.
  4. Dau Be Island – Ba Hầm Lake: Ba Hầm Lake is located on Đầu Bê Island in Lan Ha Bay. Ba Hầm Lake sits within a narrow, rectangular sea trench surrounded by towering mountains, resulting in a serene and calm water surface, perfect for kayaking activities.

Final words abt kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

Above are some experiences of exploring Lan Ha Bay by kayak. Lan Ha Travel encourages you to refer to them to have wonderful experiences here.

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